The ATS Spot Free System

We have made some very important improvements to our high efficiency Spot Free Reverse Osmosis System.
We've added:

Flow Safety allows the ATS Spot Free Reverse Osmosis System to continue making polished water when there is low water pressure in the equipment room.

TDS Safety monitors the total dissolved solids in the polished water that the ATS Spot Free R.O. System is making. If the water quality goes below pre-set specs, the the TDS Safety shuts down production and notes the condition on the Digital Readout Display.

One Control simplifies the tedious guess work of setting water pressure and water flow to drain. One control does it all!

Streamlining the ATS Spot Free eliminates carbon tank set up -it's on-board! Streamlining simplifies maintenance and makes electrical and water hookups easy.

The ATS Spot Free has always been one of the most efficient reverse osmosis systems available. By adding the Total Reject Reclaim, the New ATS Spot Free may very well be THE most efficient reverse osmosis system available. Period.

The ATS Spot Free R.O. creates less than one gallon of reject water for every gallon of polished water made. NO reject water is sent down the drain. Every drop of reject water is reclaimed to be used in rinse or wash cycles.

The ATS Spot Free R.O.:
Saves money by using less water in the polishing process.
Saves money by eliminating sewer fees for reject water sent to drain.
Saves money by reducing man hours for maintenance.
Saves thousands of gallons of precious water.

The ATS Spot Free Reverse Osmosis System reduces water usage, reduces sewer fees, saves money, and conserves one of our most valuable resources. Every Drop Counts!

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ATS Spot Free

ATS Spot Free R.O.

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ATS Spot Free R.O.

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ATS Spot Free R.O.