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Eclipse Logo ECLIPSE™

Welcome to a whole new class of car wash that represents a technological advancement and brings an all new, eco-friendly product to the car wash industry. The Eclipse™ by Oasis is a new generation of car wash in a class all its own. Not just an in-bay automatic, and not just an express tunnel. This revolutionary new product successfully combines the benefits of an in-bay automatic with the advantages of an express tunnel, but without the hassles of a conveyor. Every piece of this new system has been specifically engineered to increase owner revenues – to make more money for you!

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Typhoon Logo TYPHOON™

By far the fastest touchfree, adjusting automatic on the market, the Typhoon™ takes the place of two ordinary machines. The Typhoon™ is designed for dependability and longevity, and carries a 5-year drive warranty. The Typhoon™ is two automatics in one, washing up to 40 cars per hour. The Typhoon™ is for investors with high-volume locations who know the value of a fast machine.

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XP Logo XP™

The Oasis XP™ is the second fastest touchfree in the industry, second only to the Oasis Typhoon™. With its exclusive V.A.S. (Vehicle Avoidance System), strike damage is virtually eliminated. And, as with our other automatics, the XP™ drive system is backed by an unparalleled 5-year warranty.

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An intelligent, high-performance system, the GaleForce™ dryer is designed not as an add-on, but as a fully integrated function of the Oasis high-pressure automatic program.

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Adapt Logo ADAPT™

A revolutionary on-board drying system, the Adapt™ is specifically designed to interface with any pre-existing car wash equipment.

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