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ATS self service car wash modules are high performance, low maintenance, self-contained modular systems. They are designed with cutting edge technology and manufactured to exacting standards. Each module is pre-tested for perfection before leaving our facility.

Our modules are complete and equipment room ready. Standard features such as color coded, uniformed wire systems, all pumps, all motors, stainless steel tanks, and skid mounting (just to name a few) reduce installation costs and add-on expenses.

The ATS Spot Free Reverse Osmosis System is streamlined for easy maintenance, and includes an on-board carbon tank. It creates less than one gallon of reject water for every gallon of polished water made. NO reject water is sent down the drain. Every drop of reject water is reclaimed to be used in rinse or wash cycles. Every Drop Counts!

Oasis Carwash Systems Touch-Free Automatics are dependable, high-speed, efficient car systems designed with the investor in mind. Their products are made to be the best on the market, and they take no shortcuts, because "there's no substitute for high quality."

We offer car wash replacement parts, Cat pumps, everything J.E. Adams, Standard and Hamilton bill changers and cashiers, Oasis Car Wash replacement parts, and IDX electronics. We can be very competitive with our quotes...

Used automatic car washing equipment now availble!

Adv-Tec Systems, Inc. (ATS) has been providing the car washContact us f industry with the highest quality construction, value and performance since 2000.

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